New fun stuff

It’s been busy around here: the Toronto International Film Festival is on and I always like to take in a few films, so my weekend was less productive than it might have been. However, I am always glad to be a knitter when TIFF comes around and I spend a half hour here and 45 minutes there queued up for films. It’s perfect productive hat-making time.

I decided that I need to bump up the business cards from the plain old print-at-home ones so my husband and I had a go at a new design, with some input from a marketing friend and a few kerning corrections from another friend. And today I got them printed today locally with Colin at The Anderson Press (on Queen St. just 2.5 blocks west of Coxwell). He is  a great guy and doesn’t mind taking the time to do a couple of runs in order to check it and get it the way you want it. And I’m very pleased!

Lynn's Lids new business card

I’m also very happy with a new toque I designed with a little houndstooth band around it (which I knit on the TTC and in line for a few films yesterday). I think it’s my new favourite! Of course, my husband tells me I say that every time I finish blocking a newly designed hat.

The other two new hat designs I made are the Frankenstein earflap hat and (one I’ve always wanted to make) a top hat! It’s a pretty good first attempt, I think.

Here’s a sampling of a few of the new hats I’ve made. My new favourite is in the centre at the bottom. My apologies for the bad photography. I don’t have time these days to do them justice.

Lynn's Lids for Danforth East Arts Fair and The Bazaar of the Bizarre Halloween Extravaganza
Top to bottom, left to right: Navy & grey earflap with tassel and pom pom, blue dragon, Frankenstein, black cadet cap, brown houndstooth toque, top hat.

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