Danforth East Arts Fair 2013

#DEAF13 Lynn's Lids booth

I had a great time at the DEAF13 this weekend! It was a great crowd (really just such nice folks), and the artisans did some really stunning and quality work. And since they put my sheepy dryer balls on the poster and postcard, some folks came up and said, “We saw these on the postcard and had to find your booth!” which was so fun.

#DEAF13 Biggest Booster award plaqueThe weather was good, sunny but not hot on Saturday and overcast today but the rain held off until the end of the day. My neighbours were fellow Toronto Etsy Street Team vendors, Michelle from Thunderpeep Designs and Anne-Marie Olczak, who both do really lovely work. In fact, I won “best booster” award, which included some monies towards a DEAF purchase, so I spent it on a piece of art (actually, a commission!) from Anne-Marie, from her street scapes series. It was great to share a space with Anne-Marie (we didn’t bother with a wall between us and even made a walk-through between booths) and admire her work all weekend. (You can see her largest work on the left of the photo above.)

I find art fairs a great place to show my work since people get to try on everything available, and it’s always fun to watch people try on my lids, until the hat finds the perfect head. I am every amazed that they don’t look more similar on all heads, but hats are truly individual adornments. I also love talking to folks, and it’s fun doing fairs in my neighbourhood as friends will stop by for a chat.

Now it’s onward to a couple of commissioned hats and new, weird, and wonderful creations for the Bazaar of the Bizarre Halloween Extravaganza!

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