What’s selling?

I always find it interesting to see what sells at a show, especially in the hats. Unfortunately I don’t have photographs of every hat that sold (my bad, I usually take at least one snapshot for my records but didn’t get to all of them) but here are some of the lids that found heads this weekend, thanks to my talented husband who I put to the task the day before the fair and shoved a bunch of hats at him as I did last minute creations and packing.

Lynn's Lids Shorter flat brim &copy OLewery 2013 Folded brim cloche with flower © OLewery 2013
Lynn's Lids Cadet cap blue &copy OLewery 2013 Bucket - red © OLewery 2013
Lynn's Lids cloche &copy OLewery 2013 Lynn's Lids Cadet cap - black &copy OLewery 2013
Lynn's Lids folded brim © OLewery 2013 Lynn's Lids Pillbox © OLewery 2013
Lynn's Lids Bucket - teal © OLewery 2013 Devil © OLewery 2013

This time I did some things a little differently with the Sheepy Dryer Balls. First of all, I added colours! Instead of just the 4 natural (undyed) colours, I added the primaries and secondaries for a total of 10 colours. Second, I let folks choose their own instead of creating sets of 3 tricolour flocks. So it was interesting for me to find out what was the most popular colour. All of the naturals were at the top, with light grey as the reigning ewe. In the new colours, purple was tops. Third, I let folks buy 1 at a time if they so desired, although I recommend 3 in your dryer for effectiveness. People bought them for natural dog toys, kid toys, and fibre art.

Lynn's Lids Sheepy Dryer Balls in 10 colours © OLewery 2013

The catnip balls were a hit, too, and I’ve already had an email from a buyer who says her cat loves it. Fun!

Lynn's Lids Wool Catnip Balls

And as an afterthought, I put out a few ornaments. It was an afterthought because I really didn’t think that people would be into Santa in September, but I was wrong.

Lynn's Lids Santa ornaments

I just realized today, in my post-show haze, that I was invited to join this, this, and this, and invited back to a show I did last year this weekend by passers-by. Which makes me feel pretty good about deciding to go for it wholeheartedly this year! I also received 2 emails from folks who bought stuff this weekend to just say thanks. And that, my friends, makes it all the hard work worth it.

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