What’s up?

Today appears to be the day of craft fair applications, but maybe it means I can get them all done at once and move back into create mode soon.

I took a little time out today to do some Kool-Aid dyeing of some natural white washed and carded wool, in preparation for making it into holiday ornaments. They’ll be fun as they will keep that Kool-Aid smell for a while. (We don’t drink the stuff, just use it for dyeing wool.)

The colour below is the (deceivingly) blue package of tropical fruit punch.

kool-aid dyeing - tropical fruit punch

Kool-Aid dyeing is fun: just dampen and wring out the wool, boil some water, add water and a package or two (or three, depending on how much wool you’re dyeing), stir, add the wool and swirl it around for a minute or two until the colour has been soaked into the wool, then rinse it out well in cold water. There are tons of how-to videos on youtube if you’re curious.

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