New works on the needles

Just a quick note tonight since I’m through the application push and onto work mode.

I love knitting new hats, especially original designs. I had a tricorn (three cornered pirate hat) at the Danforth East Arts Fair that one woman liked, but she wanted a different colour and a bigger and more exaggerated brim. I managed to find the right colour early in the week and am just about to start the new hat, after a little math to figure out how to edit the existing pattern to suit her needs.

navy yarn for Lynn's Lids commissioned tricorn

I have two other hats on the needles: another red devil to replace the one sold at DEAF, and a black and white houndstooth toque, or as I like to call it: Houndstoque. Because although I love the coloured houndstoques, houndstooth needs to be in basic black and white as well.

Details to come on the various fairs I’ll be at but just to let you know, I’ll be in Leaside, Leslieville, Queen West, and of course Bathurst and Bloor area (918 Bathurst) for The Bazaar of the Bizarre on Saturday, October 12 from 11am – 8pm.

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