Featured vendor

Just a quick note to share the news that Lynn’s Lids is today’s Featured Vendor over at the Toronto Indie Arts Market site! Here’s their intro:

We came across Lynn Wyminga and her fantastic hats at a craft sale over the summer. Her products were brimming with fun and joy, so we’re delighted that she will be with us at our November 9th early holiday market. She’s also got a great combination of gift items (ornaments, super cute dryer balls) and the very important “presents for oneself” – in the form of super-stylish hats.

Look for Lynn in the 2nd floor Gallery area of Toronto Indie Arts Market next weekend at the Gladstone Hotel.

Also, I had something to drop off at the Cobalt Gallery today and Annette already had all of my fibre art in her pottery and it looks really lovely! Apologies for the terrible photography. I’ll try to remember the SLR next time I go in…

Lynn's Lids Sheepy Dryer Balls at the Cobalt Gallery

Lynn's Lids Father Christmas Ornaments at the Cobalt Gallery

Lynn's Lids Catnip Balls at the Cobalt Gallery


Pinterest & exciting news

The Leaside sale was fun. Lovely vendors, lovely people, some warm heads!

I am in full production mode now so I don’t have time for a long post, but I have a couple of new Pinterest boards. They don’t have all of the vendors yet, but if you’re on Pinterest, follow them so you can see new additions, and if not, just check out the link.

One is for the November 23&24 sale I’m at called Holiday in the Hood at Earl Beatty Junior & Senior PS, just northeast of Danforth and Coxwell. That was fun last year. Lots of activities going on in the school for the kids, and lots of gorgeous items for sale for the holidays.

20131030-085847.jpg The other is for the Artisan Social on Sunday, December 1 just in behind the Ceili Cottage on Queen St. E. It’s an intimate sale of a bunch of artist friends. A casual afternoon spent in good company with lovely creations to ogle.

My exciting news is that my handmade hats and fibre art are going to be available in at 870A Kingston Road (just re-opening after many months of construction) in the upper beaches at the Cobalt Gallery. To the right is a flock of sheepy dryer balls prepared for the gallery.

Social media

Back in September I thought I’d set up a Pinterest board of all of the great artists who would be showing with me at the Danforth East Arts Fair. It’s a fun board, and it was a treat to get to look at all of the wonderful talent out there.

When the Toronto Indie Arts Market (TIAM) added the vendor list for the Early Holiday Market on their website the other day, I figured I’d do the same (board is here!). Sure, it takes some time, but it’s interesting to look at all of the art and goodies that will be selling. Well, TIAM loved it (see blog post)! And that’s an extra bonus. They don’t do Pinterest, so I’m happy to do it for them.


I figure I will do the same for a few of the other sales I’m doing, if I can get the websites of the other vendors. That is kind of the key. If I don’t have a list, like the one TIAM provided, then it’s waaaaay too much work. And even if there is a list, often folks don’t have pinnable images on their web pages, or they just have a facebook page, and you can’t pin from there. In which case I figure they don’t want to be included. Which is cool.

Fun fact: not quite a week after my needle felting course at The Purple Purl, I was back in there and I ran into one of my students buying needle felting supplies. I’m guessing that’s a pretty good gauge that it was a successful class. It certainly was a good time.

Oh, and I got some more feedback via twitter:

And I don’t know where you are located, but here in Toronto, it turned very chilly this week, perfect for my lids:

Honestly, it makes me happy knowing that I’m keeping so many heads warm.

Today I made it down to the Arts Market to meet with fellow vendor Π (Pi )Ceramic Designs from the two shows on Thanksgiving weekend. We did a trade: Cybele’s amazing hand printed ceramic work for a Baker Boy hat which happened to be just her colour and size. I love it when stuff works out nicely like that.

Π (Pi) Ceramic Designs
Some beautiful works by Π (Pi) Ceramic Designs

What’s a Baker Boy hat, you ask? One of these (only Cybele’s is in a nice aubergine):

Lynn's Lids Baker Boy hat with flower in grey
Lynn’s Lids Baker Boy hat with flower in grey

There’s more to say, but I have a very early wake-up tomorrow to get set up for my Leaside sale! Off to the Northlea Fall Market Sale bright and early tomorrow. Sale is at 9am to 1pm at Northlea United Church 125 Brentcliffe Road, Toronto, ON.

What’s on & off the needles

Lynn's Lids what's on & off the needles

As you can see, I’ve been taking every spare moment, and when it’s not raining, those moments walking on errands, to knit a variety of hats for this Saturday morning’s show in Leaside at the Northlea Fall Market Sale. Four of the five of those have been felted and are currently blocking.

I’ve also been working on some catnip balls, dryer balls, and felted dog tug toys (see below). I had some feedback from a customer regarding making a felted dog ball, based on the sheepy dryer balls, but I just haven’t had the chance, and I always like to test products out first. Those may be a product for the new year.

Lynn's Lids felted natural dog tug toy

I’ve just packed up a box of Sheepy Dryer Balls that is on its way to England. How fun is that? I love Etsy for allowing me to get my products out to a wide audience!

Lynn's Lids Sheepy Dryer Balls - off to the UK

I also delivered two custom hats late this week: a natural brown wide brim hat and a navy blue large brim tricorn hat. Both new lids owners were very pleased.

One was delivered to a digital artist and I got to see her artwork. She has her digital art printed on ceramic tiles. This one caught my eye:

I have been asked to be a “Featured Vendor” for the upcoming Toronto Indie Arts Market Early Holiday Market (on November 9), so I’ve been working on a little statement and photos for that. Stay tuned on the TIAM blog here. Also, great news, the Early Holiday Market is benefitting one of my favourite local organizations: Not Far from the Tree!

The Northlea sale is this coming Saturday (October 26) from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is in the Northlea United Church at 125 Brentcliffe Road, Toronto.

Needle Felting Class at The Purple Purl

Last night I taught a needle felting class at The Purple Purl. It’s been a year or more since I taught and I forgot how fun it is. A great class with lovely folks, and we made these adorable little pumpkins:

A busy Thanksgiving weekend

Whew! I should be in bed, because that was a busy weekend!

Saturday’s Bazaar of the Bizarre was fun. There were DJs all day (and now I’m ruined for events with no DJs because that was awesome) and there was entertainment:

stilt walker
Stilt walker
zombie flapper dancers
Zombie flappers

belly dancer
Belly dancer

Sunday was rainy and I was glad to be home (beside the last minute runs for the pre-ordered turkey and little odds and sods that had not been picked up earlier in the week) hosting a big delicious family Thanksgiving dinner.

Monday was gorgeous and I was down at Harbourfront for the HarbourKIDS Thanksgiving festival. Live music most of the day right in front of me, and lots of people down there. It was a fun day.

Lynn's Lids at HarbourKIDS Thanksgiving Lakeview Market
My table at HarbourKIDS Thanksgiving Lakeview Market
My view at HarbourKIDS Thanksgiving
My great view of the stage
Lynn's Lids working on an ornament
I even managed to get some work done!