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Back in September I thought I’d set up a Pinterest board of all of the great artists who would be showing with me at the Danforth East Arts Fair. It’s a fun board, and it was a treat to get to look at all of the wonderful talent out there.

When the Toronto Indie Arts Market (TIAM) added the vendor list for the Early Holiday Market on their website the other day, I figured I’d do the same (board is here!). Sure, it takes some time, but it’s interesting to look at all of the art and goodies that will be selling. Well, TIAM loved it (see blog post)! And that’s an extra bonus. They don’t do Pinterest, so I’m happy to do it for them.

I figure I will do the same for a few of the other sales I’m doing, if I can get the websites of the other vendors. That is kind of the key. If I don’t have a list, like the one TIAM provided, then it’s waaaaay too much work. And even if there is a list, often folks don’t have pinnable images on their web pages, or they just have a facebook page, and you can’t pin from there. In which case I figure they don’t want to be included. Which is cool.

Fun fact: not quite a week after my needle felting course at The Purple Purl, I was back in there and I ran into one of my students buying needle felting supplies. I’m guessing that’s a pretty good gauge that it was a successful class. It certainly was a good time.

Oh, and I got some more feedback via twitter:

And I don’t know where you are located, but here in Toronto, it turned very chilly this week, perfect for my lids:

Honestly, it makes me happy knowing that I’m keeping so many heads warm.

Today I made it down to the Arts Market to meet with fellow vendor Π (Pi )Ceramic Designs from the two shows on Thanksgiving weekend. We did a trade: Cybele’s amazing hand printed ceramic work for a Baker Boy hat which happened to be just her colour and size. I love it when stuff works out nicely like that.

Π (Pi) Ceramic Designs
Some beautiful works by Π (Pi) Ceramic Designs

What’s a Baker Boy hat, you ask? One of these (only Cybele’s is in a nice aubergine):

Lynn's Lids Baker Boy hat with flower in grey
Lynn’s Lids Baker Boy hat with flower in grey

There’s more to say, but I have a very early wake-up tomorrow to get set up for my Leaside sale! Off to the Northlea Fall Market Sale bright and early tomorrow. Sale is at 9am to 1pm at Northlea United Church 125 Brentcliffe Road, Toronto, ON.


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