Etsy local!

Lynn's Lids FrankenhatSo you know how I made a map of the sales I’d be attending? Well, it turns out I didn’t need to! Etsy has a thing called Etsy Local, where you can join all of the local events you’re attending. Mine are all listed, on a map, here:

If you’re looking for your favourite vendor’s events, just replace my shop name in the link above with theirs.

Yesterday was the Toronto Indie Arts Market at the Gladstone Hotel. It was a great event with very nice attendees and the Gladstone is a lovely venue. I said goodbye to one of my favourite hats: the Frankenhat (see right). It’s a little sad to see the very original one-of-a-kind hats go, but it’s a gift for a Frankenstein super fan, so it’s going to a good home. I hope it keeps her warm and smiling!

I had fun setting up as I have a lot more ornaments than I’ve had for other sales. Check them out below.

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