Lynn's Lids Skull ToqueThis week is mostly about ornaments, as I prepare for 2 days at Earl Beatty’s Holiday in the Hood. It’s not that I’m not making anything else, it’s just that dryer balls take several (3-6) days to dry, once felted, and hats can take 3 days to block/dry, so they both have to be finished in advance, since there’s still another step for each after they are dry. I did, however, knit up a last minute hat yesterday and it’s just felting. A fellow vendor I saw this weekend who wears a skull toque (see right) suggested one in an earflap hat, so that’s blocking now. Hopefully ready in time for Saturday!

Yesterday I finished a batch of Father Christmas ornaments. The steps to that process are:

1. Needle felt the body blobs in natural white wool.

2. Dye the bodies with food dye or Kool-Aid, rinse well.

3. Let dry for a day or so.

4. Needle felt the details.

Lynn's Lids needle felted hand-dyed Father Christmas ornaments - Nov 19 batch

I’m particularly pleased with the red I got with this batch. It was a mixture of Tropical Fruit Punch and Cherry Kool-Aid and it’s a lovely bright but nicely saturated red. Just what Father Christmas calls for!

My desk is currently covered in white felted balls, ready for creating snowmen ornaments. Must get to work!


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