I love Etsy

Yesterday morning I received an Etsy message from someone who really likes my Santa ornaments, but wanted something a little bigger that could stand on its own. I was happy to oblige, because new challenges are always fun! I wasn’t sure exactly how tall they wanted it, but I worked on it in the afternoon/evening, and came up with this and hoped it was about right:

Custom needle felted free standing Santa Claus sculpture by Lynn's Lids

I then created a reserved listing (you can see it here – scroll down) and sent the person a link. And just like that, it was sold! I packaged it up, and thanks to Canada Post, I printed the shipping label at home, and the package is ready to be sent tomorrow. All in a day! I love Etsy for the wider audience it gives my fibre art, although not so much for the hats. And I love that folks feel free to request custom items. I’m usually up for new challenges. It makes things a little more interesting.

Square credit card readerSpeaking of things I love in this little business of mine, Square is definitely one of them. If you are a small business person for whom it doesn’t make sense for you to carry the monthly cost of a debit machine (occasional events or just in the holiday season), the Square credit card reader is excellent. It allows you to take Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and JCB cards by attaching the little reader to your smartphone’s earphone jack. I’ve been using it since summer and have had no problems with it. They charge 2.75% per transaction but that’s it. No monthly, no per transaction fee. And they deposit into your bank account in 2 business days. It is a total game changer.  I’ve noticed that other companies are just starting to catch up with Square, but I think they’re probably too late. The vast majority of small business owners I know use Square. 


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