The Artisan Social

I’m in mad making mode but I wanted to write quick note to share a little of the fun that was the Artisan Social behind the Ceili Cottage in Leslieville yesterday.

First of all, what an absolutely lovely group of artisans and visitors! I love sales in my neighbourhood because the folks are just so lovely and I know some of them.

Next, the viking hat sold! It’s a gift for someone’s Icelandic relation. How cool is that?! One of my favourite area painters took a photo of the gift giver in the hat and posted it on Instagram:

Lynn's Lids Viking Hat
@lynnslids does it again! #artisansocial #leslieville #beachTO

In fact, a bunch of hats sold. And one of the vendors went around taking several fun photos, which you can see here, including one of two new lid bearers (see below). So, there will be more warm heads in the Beach and Leslieville areas.

Lynn's Lids wearers at the Artisan Social

And now, it’s back to work for me. Lots of stock to replenish before this Saturday’s Movies and Makers at the Fox Theatre. Check out the pinterest board of my fellow vendors.

Movies & Makers



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