Next needle felting workshop

As you may know, I teach needle felting at The Purple Purl in Leslieville (Queen & Jones, NE corner). Jennifer and I got together recently to plan the next two classes and thought this might be a good project for the class before Valentines Day!

All the details are here, if you want to come and learn to make one yourself.

And if you just want to buy one, I listed him in my Etsy shop. And I might be at just one more local sale before the One of a Kind Show for which I may make a few. Details to follow soon…

Lynn's Lids penguin with heart

Exciting news!

One of a Kind Spring Show & Sale
That’s right, folks… I’ve been holding out on you until I got my contract signed and sent back in. I’m very excited to announce that Lynn’s Lids was accepted to this year’s One of a Kind Spring Show & Sale at the end of March! I’ll be in the Etsy Section. More information to follow.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a TON of work to do. Wheeeee!

Yesterday’s Leslieville Flea

Yesterday’s Leslieville Flea was a lot of fun. It was a lovely crowd, both vendors and browsers, great conversations were had, treasures found, and there are some more warm heads out there in Toronto.

I’ve got to say, I love a January sale because people are interested in hats! Don’t get me wrong, I like the other stuff that I make, but hats are my passion. My baby. The super fun bit for me.

The Fermenting Cellar is actually a perfect location for the Flea. Spacious, high ceilings, complete with ramp, and historic, like much of the wares being sold.

I took a few photos while I was there.

January 2014 Leslieville Flea from the door
Just before it opened I took a panorama from the door. (click for a closer look)
Live jazz at the January 2014 Leslieville Flea
These two young guys were fantastic. The played wonderful jazz next to me for hours. I really missed them when they left.
Cases for me from the January 2014 Leslieville Flea!
I couldn’t resist buying a couple of matching vintage suitcases from Rural Revival across from me.

And my little booth set-up at the beginning of the day:

Come on back in a few days to the blog, as I have some exciting news to share!

Leslieville Flea this Sunday!

I’m in making mode again, and this time with a new product. Several people have asked for tea cosies in the past, but I didn’t just want to make plain old tea cosies, so I took a while to think of something to put on them. I’m very happy to do custom cosies, like I do custom toques, but generally, they need something. So I came up with this:

Lynn's Lids prototype TO tea cosy
A Lynn’s Lid for your tea pot!

I’ll have a few this Sunday at the Leslieville Flea in the Fermenting Cellar of the Distillery District (10am – 5pm) in various sizes and colours, along with catnip balls, sheepy dryer balls, a plethora of nice warm hats, a few etch-a-sketch iPad sleeves, and some dog tug toys.

Oh, and one more thing which was fun to see: My favourite little holiday sale, The Artisan Social, was in the January Snapd Beach/Danforth issue.

Snapd Beach Danforth January 2014

Now I’ve got to get back to work. I hope to see you Sunday!

Great start to the new year!

It was beautiful and snowy out this New Year’s Day so I took everyone outside and the kids went sledding and sliding on the icy toboggan hill near our home while I had my husband took hat photos for my Etsy listings. I’ve been meaning to get a bunch of hats listed since my holiday markets were over several weeks ago, but we just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I even managed to get a few shots of a male model in my hats! Here’s a wee sampling:

Jan 1 2014 Lynn's Lids Etsy listings

I also got a couple more custom orders finished, including these his and hers (below). Tell me, do you recognize the symbol on his toque? You’ll surely be showing your age if you do!

Lynn's Lids custom embellished toque and cadet cap

Lynn's Lids custom toque embellishment

And this bucket hat has been delivered to a very happy customer, who rang me to tell me that she loved it, but it didn’t go with her scarf, and she was looking for some extra yarn. Unfortunately, a couple of years ago I bought a big lot of Louet Riverstone when they discontinued the line so I could not supply her with it since I used the very last of it on her hat. To the last stitch. It was close, I tell you!

Lynn's Lids custom bucket hat

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I took a day off from knitting for others and managed to knit myself a new pair of knitting mittens with some lovely alpaca:

knitting mittens in baby alpaca

In other exciting news, I’m signed up for this month’s Leslieville Flea which takes place on January 19 (10am-5pm) in the historic Distillery District! It’s in the Fermenting Cellar at 28 Distillery Lane. For more information, please see

All the best to you and yours in 2014!