On the road to the One of a Kind Show…

The surefire sign that I’m in production mode for the One of a Kind Spring Show & Sale (#OOAKS14) is that all of my heating vents look like this:

Lynn's Lids dryer balls, drying on heat vent
Plain (dark grey) dryer balls, drying.

Also, my desk is covered in hats. It’s embarrassingly messy so I refuse to take a photo, but just imagine 15 felted hats all stacked in a pile. It’s time to take stock of them and put them away for now.

I always have a hat or a tea cosy (or both) on the knitting needles. Yesterday I finished an olive baker boy (this style) and cast on a black original cloche (like the one shown at the bottom of this post).

washed and carded wool
Washed and carded wool, a stage between shearing and spinning into yarn.

If you’re wondering what the dryer balls are made of, generally the core is made from recycled wool sweaters (I actually have some cashmere ones that had holes in them and it’s kind of painful to cut them up and use them as cores…) or hats that didn’t work out, which is wrapped in undyed wool roving, and then wrapped in undyed yarn. The roving and yarn comes from an eastern Ontario farm. What’s roving? you ask… That’s wool that’s been washed and carded (brushed) but before it’s been spun into yarn. Shown at right in natural white, brown and dark grey:

A bit of fun: on Friday night I was riding the subway and saw 3 ads in a row for Etsy including this one!
Etsy ads on TTC subway!
And lastly, here’s a little known Lynn’s Lids fact: This past week I sold my very first Etsy hat! (I have sold hats to folks I know online but never via Etsy) Granted, I only had a few hats listed last year, but I am encouraged to list more now. I have several to list, I just have to get out and photograph them. However, now that I am in OOAK making mode, it may not happen. Something to work on for next fall!

Below is the hat that sold, and to add to the firsts: it was to my very first Etsy customer, from over a year ago! This one is my original pattern, as most of them are, but this was my first pattern. I think I’d just seen King Kong and I was in a 1920s mood. I love this one for winter since it goes down nice and low over the ears and the little lip at the front is enough to keep the snow out of your eyes. It keeps you warm in style.
My first Etsy hat sale!

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