Another photo shoot

Just a quick post before bed…

I went to the ROM to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit last week with a couple of friends and we got to talking about photography and one of my friends realized that he had a portable lighting box that he was no longer using, collecting dust at his parents’ place, so he offered it up to me. It sounded perfect for small product photographs, so I took him up on his offer. I picked it up last night and got to work with it this morning. I was under time constraints as I don’t actually own an iPad Mini so I was borrowing my son’s friend’s while he and my son were out at a workshop together.

Here’s the setup (yes, those are dryer balls drying on the heating register):

Lynn's Lids first attempt with the portable lighting box

And a little more detail on the box itself here:

Lynn's Lids first attempt with the portable lighting box (2)And the finished photos can be found on the Etsy item (an iPad Mini sleeve) listing or on my One of a Kind Show artisan profile.

I have to say, with a tripod (it actually comes with a tiny one that would hold a point and shoot but not a proper SLR), this works really nicely. It came with 2 double sided backdrops (green/white and blue/grey). My husband feels that it needs more light and would use flash. Maybe I’ll try that next time, but I like the setup. I recommend it for small objects. It will be perfect for Sheepy Dryer Balls and would be perfect for a friend of mine who makes and sells jewellery. If you’re curious, search for “optex photo studio kit“.

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