Fellow Artisan (OOAK): Green Honeydew

Heather was one of my neighbours at the Spring One of a Kind Show. I enjoyed admiring her whimsical and fun artwork.

The Duck PiperRain CloudForest of Serendipity No. 1

Green Honeydew
Artisan Name: Heather Luk Berios

Products: Whimsical and surreal art in the form of prints, originals and note cards

Price Range: Prices range from $4 for a note card to $50 for a framed & matted 8×10 print to priceless for an original :-).

How did this all begin?
Art has always been there all my life but it has always been very personal. Historically my artwork has either been a self-expression that never saw the light of day or was created as a gift for a special occasion like a birthday or wedding. Since my kids were born, I’ve been focusing a lot on whimsical illustrations. I love seeing the smiles on their faces when I finish a new piece and thought that perhaps others may enjoy it as well. The birth of Green Honeydew really stemmed from two ideas – bringing a smile to someone’s face; and provoking one to see and think from a different perspective.

Whether it’s drawing, painting, photography or experimenting with another medium, being creative is in my DNA. Just like I am a glass half full type of person, I try to view the world with positive and artistic lenses. The closest analogy I can think of is a sci-fi movie where you see yourself through the lens of a robot and everything has a different perspective. Often times, life is about how you perceive it to be.

I get my inspiration from everywhere. My kids. My travels. Current events. My memories. Fairy Tales. Anywhere really. I have so many ideas for “the next piece” that I will never have time to finish them all in my lifetime. For me, this whole process has been a great adventure and by the way I don’t really have a process. That’s the point isn’t it? Art should be fun! And alas, that is the most challenging part I find. There are thousands and maybe millions of entrepreneurs in the world but what makes an artist unique is that most of us started off with a passion or a hobby. Trying to create a business and at the same time busy being creative is not easy to balance. Before you start on your journey, ask yourself what your goals are? I’ve talked about my 2 reasons for starting Green Honeydew. Now onto my business goal which is very simple: I want to self-fund my hobby and the trips to the local art supply store = )

What advice do you have for a first-time One of a Kind (OOAK) Show vendor?
Stick to your true artistic vision. If you find yourself starting to create art for the masses, then you have to really think about whether you are still passionate about what you do. And don’t worry about what other artists are doing. It’s great to get inspiration from each other but nothing will give you more satisfaction than when a piece of work is well received that came from your heart.

My advice to first-time OOAK show vendors is simply that you cannot measure the success of a show by simply the sales (although if you do really well, that’s always awesome). You have to also factor in the people you meet, the exposure you get, and the feedback you get from real people (and not just a click on your webpage statistics).

Do you have a favourite OOAK show (or OOAK online) moment/memory to share?
My favourite memory of the OOAK show was of a little girl who came back after visiting earlier that day to pick up one of my prints. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and knowing that my art work may end up one day on someone’s wall. Perhaps when they walk by after a long day, it would make them smile or provoke a thought.

You can view Heather’s artwork online on her website, facebook, twitter, Pinterest or OOAK Online Shop.


(All above images from the Green Honeydew One of a Kind Online shop)


Custom cosy #2 and class review

Hey, check out what I found: a review of my needle felting class on the Design Thrift blog.

So I took the needle felting class at the Purple Purl – and man, was it ever a blast! It was a group of eight of us all gathered around a coffee table to drink lattes, learn about needle felting, and complete our first needle felting project – a cute little penguin.” [More here…]

Also, I have created the second custom tea cosy!

Lynn's Lids Eiffel Tower custom tea cosy in purple heather


By the way, I was saying yesterday that this one took 4 times as long to felt as the carousel one since I used different yarn. Between the blocking and the needle felting I shave the cosy (same for hats). With this one (with all that felting), there was a lot of fuzz:

I save the fuzz for the next time I’m making dryer balls and add it to the cores. Waste not, want not!

Custom carousel tea cosy

Okay, I admit, I’ve been a little nervous about fulfilling this particular custom order… hoping it would turn out.

A lovely gal found me at the Spring One of a Kind Show and started talking to me about Teavana tea makers as she has a couple and liked my cosies. So we went back and forth a bit via email with tea maker photos and measurements (on her part) and yarn colour photos and sketches (on my part) and finally came up with a plan.

This is the first of two cosies. The other cosy is still blocking, as it was a different yarn and needed to felt for 4 times as long as this one. Such is the way with felting. You’ve been warned.

The request was for a carousel… I’m pretty happy with it.

Custom carousel tea cosy by Lynn's Lids



One of a Kind Online in the news II

More love for OOAK Online in the news.

National Post:

“Before there was Brika and even before there was Etsy, there was the One of a Kind Show – the now bi-annual event that showcases the wares of artisans across Canada. And finally – finally! – event organizers are bringing the event’s works to a wider audience via an online store – the One of a Kind Online Shop.”

Canadian Architect:

“Works by artisans and designers are vetted to offer a beautiful selection of quality well-crafted items – featured in five key categories, including: Home, Jewellery, Fashion, Kids and Flavours. Products range from furniture, wooden bowls and silkscreened pillows to leather clutches and statement necklaces to small batch olive oils and fine organic teas to natural skincare with indigenous ingredients to luxurious baby blankets and plush toys.”

(added a little later:)


“Canada’s most popular craft show (for over 40 years!), One of a Kind, is finally bringing the wares of Canuck-based designers and artisans to the web with a just-launched online store. There are cute clutches, amazing jewellery and out-of-this-world handmade beauty products. It’s a DIYer’s haven.”

(More here)

Fellow Artisan (OOAK): Π (Pi) Ceramic Designs

In celebration of the new One of a Kind (OOAK) Online shop, I’ve decided to do a few One of a Kind Show fellow artisan features. Here is the first.

Why Cybèle? In short, because I love her work. We met at a show we both did last October, then we were next to each other at a show just after that. We did a little trading (hats for pottery – I love it!) and now I have several of her pieces. Soon she will be working on a custom piece for me. I’ll post it when it’s done!


Π (Pi) Ceramic Designs

Artisan Name: Cybèle Stein

Products: My focus is on creating multifunctional, hand-built, ceramic art. South Asian and Middle Eastern colours, textures, forms and designs, inspire my work. I use a variety of textures, and stamps on each piece I create, as well as a variety of colourful glazes to finish each piece I create. As such, each piece I create is highly textured, dramatically vibrant, and unique in its form and detail.

Price Range: $10 – $150 for single pieces
I’ve also started making “Made to Order” packages for dinner and serving ware, sets of 3 to 6 items – the price range for these are $35 to $300.

How did this all begin? 

I started working with clay in 2010, while recovering from a severe ankle and knee injury. I soon discovered that working with clay was not only a deeply satisfying, creative outlet during my convalescence, but that I also had an innate talent for working within this medium.

Now – four years later – I am working full time as a ceramic artist, with my production studio and kiln. I work on each one of my pieces individually, which not only ensures the uniqueness of each piece I create but also provides me with deep sense of satisfaction in that I am following my passion as an artist.


One of the biggest challenges I find as artist is that of effectively marketing my work. I love doing shows – have had many successful events since I started my business, but this is can be a very exhausting and sometimes expensive way of getting the word out. I would love to be in a position where I can effectively rely on custom and/or  larger wholesale orders so that I can focus on production (which is what I love most about being an artist). But until that happens, the only way of selling my work is primarily through shows.

This is why when I heard about the OOAK Online Shop and was invited to join, I was thrilled, as I view it as a potentially lucrative, and relatively simple method of marketing myself – and my work.

There are several factors that inspire me to make what I make. I think that one of the main reasons why I lean towards using a lot of colour and texture in my work, is because it is different from much of what’s available in functional ceramics these days. I see a lot of lovely work being done with textures, or colours but not necessarily in combination.  So, I decided that I would combine both to see what I could come up with. The results were great, and I got a lot of very positive feedback about my style. I think everything that follows in only an improvement on the initial inspiration.

I’m also very much inspired by the South-Asian, Japanese and Middle Eastern style and colour palette, and a great deal of my work reflects this inspiration.

What advice do you have for a first-time One of a Kind (OOAK) Show vendor?

The best advice I could give is to a OOAK first-timer is to keep your expectations realistic. Don’t try to benchmark your success against people who have been vending at the show for several years – even if they are in the same category as you. One of the great things about OOAK is that the more you participate the more of a following you will gain – and it’s really about the repeat customers not the one time customers when one is exhibiting at this show.

Do you have a favourite OOAK show (or OOAK online) moment/memory to share?

I actually have two favourite memories….both from the Spring OOAK show.

First one – For part of my booth display I was using a lovely Arts and Crafts style, stained glass lamp from my living room to add extra ambient light to my table display. I used it in the back corner of my booth –surrounded by colourful ceramics. I had a customer come in to ask me how much I was selling the lamp for, I responded that the lamp was actually part of my display and not for sale (though part of me wanted to say $500 even). The customer then asked me “well what do you sell?” – totally oblivious the fact I was selling ceramics!

Memory two – feeling energized and inspired by all the great artists and crafts people at the show (O:

You can catch Cybèle’s lovely ceramics online on her website, Facebook, or OOAK Online Shop.

(All above photos from the Π (Pi) Ceramic Designs photo gallery.)


One of a Kind Online in the news

Hi again, folks!

I thought I’d pass on a few of the articles regarding the new One of a Kind Online shop below. Good to see the word is getting out!

We artisans are working with One of a Kind staff to make sure the functionality gets better, too (can you say “how do I search for an artisan?”). If you have any suggestions for site functionality, please let me know in the comments!

Designlines Magazine

“Anyone that’s been to the One of a Kind Show & Sale knows it’s a thrilling occasion – the sights, the tastes, the exclusive access to unique goods, the rush that is impulse shopping. The biannual event, which for 39 years has exhibited select wares by hundreds of artisans from across the country, has opened an online store. Now fans of the small-batch and handmade can shop all day every day.”

Urban Native Magazine

“This Thursday,  OOAK opened the One of A Kind Online Shop, a digital marketplace featuring items from over 300 artisans and designers from across North America. The store offers shoppers the option to shop five key categories – home, jewelry, fashion, kids and flavours – from the comfort of their homes or mobile phones. The curated list of artisans includes Indigenous artisans Alana McLeod of Collagiste and Mary Pheasant and Robert Pheasant of Pheasant Original Arts.”

Style At Home Blog

“The One of a Kind Show has been offering unique artisanal wares to Torontonians for nearly four decades. The massive twice-a-year fair is something many of us anticipate with bated breath. But you need not hold your breath any longer; the organization has launched an online store. Now, all through the year and across the whole country, lovers of all things handmade can shop beautiful designs by hundreds of artisans.”


“Now you don’t have to wait for the twice-yearly One of a Kind Show nor do you have to get yourself to Toronto to shop curated Canadian handmade wares, and fares. You’ll find original fashion, art, décor, beauty and home goods and, of course, delicious treats from more than 300 artisans and designers on the new One of a Kind Online Shop.”


“Now every day is like the One of a Kind Show in Toronto – without the schlep to and from the Ex. … Once you place an order, it’s filled and shipped by the artist; think of the site as a miniature Etsy, but with a selection process that cuts down on any possible Regretsy (RIP) factor.”

Toronto Life

“One of a Kind Online is a new e-retail version of the gargantuan One of a Kind craft fair held twice a year at the Ex. The site sells a mix of clothing, jewellery, art, food and other handmade items from over 300 Canadian sellers. Although the inventory isn’t as extensive as Etsy’s seemingly boundless craft universe, the stock is curated for quality, meaning you won’t have to click through pages upon pages of weird junk in order to find the perfect set of silk-screened tea towels.”

Vitamin Daily & North Shore News

“Why should the 604 and the 416 have all the fun? For decades Vancouverites and Torontonians “proper” have been flocking to the One of a Kind Show & Sale each season, shopping a carefully curated selection of some of the best handmade goods from North American artisans and designers.”

(More media mentions here)