Fellow artisan: Lavery Design Studios

For quite a while I have been wanting to feature my fellow artisans on the blog. I like the Toronto Indie Arts Market format so here goes:


Lavery Design Studios

Artisan Name: Mairead Lavery

Main product(s): At this time papergoods and re launching jewellery line – soon.

Price Range: papergoods $2 – $15 (book), jewellery $50 +

About: I am a born maker and can be inspired by anything – a word – a scent – a gesture – a colour. There is a part of me that says ‘go here – do that’ that directs me to create my best work.

I was recently doing the ‘one word to describe your business exercise’. Coming up with just one word to encapsulate my artwork was difficult and I got closest with muse or artwork. Muse/art – inspired to make… muse/work – figure out how to make. But they lacked…. something. The fun, the joy, the pleasure of making was missing and I realized an ‘a’ was needed – amuse – perfect.

I failed the exercise but my muse approves my word(play) – Muse muse amuse. There is inspiration, thoughtful work and delight in every object I bring to market for my customers to enjoy.

Check out the paper goods from Lavery Design Studios this month at the Women’s Art Network Toronto Market 707 pop-up shop until May 28 (Tues – Sat 11:30 am – 7 pm).

(above images from laverydesignstudios.com)


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