Fellow artisan: Broken Images

Broken Images frame - Maggie Groves Broken Images Hanging Birds - Maggie Groves

Broken Images

Artisan Name: Maggie Groves

Main product(s): Stained Glass suncatchers and mosaic mirrors

Price Range: $5 – $25 for stained glass suncatchers.  $40 and up for mosaics

About: Originally I learned to work with stained glass to make windows for my Victorian house.  I loved the medium and continued creating with glass.  I like to experiment with colour, textures and materials and love to dream up new and original designs.  Most of my stained glass items are suncatchers, but I also make funky framed stained glass panels.  I delight in turning discarded glass and ceramics into funky mosaics.  It’s all about recreating beauty out of glass and ceramics and other found materials.  Glass can be broken and reassembled into new and often surprising forms.  Discarded tiles and china come back to life when smashed and transformed into a necklace, a pot, a mirror, a box or a table.  I use recycled materials as much as possible.  I make my own designs and am always looking for new and original ideas.

Broken Images Ceramic Necklaces - Maggie Groves

Check out the stained glass and mosaic work of Broken Images this month at the Women’s Art Network Toronto Market 707 pop-up shop until May 28 (Tues – Sat 11:30 am – 7 pm).


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