New creations and the full pop-up shop

A couple of weeks ago I had a bunch of yarn scraps left over from tea cosies and iPad mini sleeves that I wanted to make into something for myself:

I thought about it for a while and decided that what I’d really like is to be able to throw my camera into any bag I’m carrying without worrying that it will get banged up. And maybe carry it around my neck in the same way. So I started a camera case, which mostly looked like some weird phallic blob, and I was totally winging it so there was a little bit of nervousness about whether the 2 days of knitting would actually turn out something useful (but there’s always dryer ball cores for the failed projects!). Although next time I would put a few more stitches in the lens portion, it turned out pretty well and I have been happily using it for the past week. It has protected my camera in my bag, which I tend to toss around, and from the rain when I was walking around Kensington Market on Friday afternoon!

Friday I met up with a client at the subway station (not the first time – it’s easy to meet there, I bring a mirror, we don’t leave the station so we can both use a single fare there and back) to deliver a couple of hats. She bought a bucket hat at the Spring One of a Kind Show and it was a bit too big so she popped it in the mail and I shrunk it to the right size for her and re-blocked it, and at the same time she ordered a second hat in custom colours – one to cover her ears:

Lynn's Lids Baker Boy hat in black with purple flower

It’s always a bit of a mystery as to whether it will fit well and look good, and this one was perfect. I’m pretty sure she tried one of these on at the OOAK Show but maybe I didn’t have it in her colour, since once she had it on (on Friday) I remember wondering how she could have walked away without buying that hat. It’s a great style for her, and she’s very happy with it.

After the hat delivery, I went down to the pop-up shop to check out the rest of the artisans’ work since everyone has moved in. (The first 3 can be found here.)

Market 707 Women's Art Network Toronto Pop-up shop

There is my featured artisan from yesterday, Lavery Design Studios:





There are paintings by Lydia Knox:




There is precision paper work by Light and Paper:




There is the eclectic work of Sheri STRanger:




And there is jewellery by Designs by Nature Gems:





One last photo, to show that Scadding Court Community Centre’s shipping containers are not all about shopping… they created a greenhouse from one, and it’s full of healthy looking seedlings!

Scadding Court shipping container greenhouse


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