Fellow Artisan (OOAK): Green Honeydew

Heather was one of my neighbours at the Spring One of a Kind Show. I enjoyed admiring her whimsical and fun artwork.

The Duck PiperRain CloudForest of Serendipity No. 1

Green Honeydew
Artisan Name: Heather Luk Berios

Products: Whimsical and surreal art in the form of prints, originals and note cards

Price Range: Prices range from $4 for a note card to $50 for a framed & matted 8×10 print to priceless for an original :-).

How did this all begin?
Art has always been there all my life but it has always been very personal. Historically my artwork has either been a self-expression that never saw the light of day or was created as a gift for a special occasion like a birthday or wedding. Since my kids were born, I’ve been focusing a lot on whimsical illustrations. I love seeing the smiles on their faces when I finish a new piece and thought that perhaps others may enjoy it as well. The birth of Green Honeydew really stemmed from two ideas – bringing a smile to someone’s face; and provoking one to see and think from a different perspective.

Whether it’s drawing, painting, photography or experimenting with another medium, being creative is in my DNA. Just like I am a glass half full type of person, I try to view the world with positive and artistic lenses. The closest analogy I can think of is a sci-fi movie where you see yourself through the lens of a robot and everything has a different perspective. Often times, life is about how you perceive it to be.

I get my inspiration from everywhere. My kids. My travels. Current events. My memories. Fairy Tales. Anywhere really. I have so many ideas for “the next piece” that I will never have time to finish them all in my lifetime. For me, this whole process has been a great adventure and by the way I don’t really have a process. That’s the point isn’t it? Art should be fun! And alas, that is the most challenging part I find. There are thousands and maybe millions of entrepreneurs in the world but what makes an artist unique is that most of us started off with a passion or a hobby. Trying to create a business and at the same time busy being creative is not easy to balance. Before you start on your journey, ask yourself what your goals are? I’ve talked about my 2 reasons for starting Green Honeydew. Now onto my business goal which is very simple: I want to self-fund my hobby and the trips to the local art supply store = )

What advice do you have for a first-time One of a Kind (OOAK) Show vendor?
Stick to your true artistic vision. If you find yourself starting to create art for the masses, then you have to really think about whether you are still passionate about what you do. And don’t worry about what other artists are doing. It’s great to get inspiration from each other but nothing will give you more satisfaction than when a piece of work is well received that came from your heart.

My advice to first-time OOAK show vendors is simply that you cannot measure the success of a show by simply the sales (although if you do really well, that’s always awesome). You have to also factor in the people you meet, the exposure you get, and the feedback you get from real people (and not just a click on your webpage statistics).

Do you have a favourite OOAK show (or OOAK online) moment/memory to share?
My favourite memory of the OOAK show was of a little girl who came back after visiting earlier that day to pick up one of my prints. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and knowing that my art work may end up one day on someone’s wall. Perhaps when they walk by after a long day, it would make them smile or provoke a thought.

You can view Heather’s artwork online on her website, facebook, twitter, Pinterest or OOAK Online Shop.


(All above images from the Green Honeydew One of a Kind Online shop)


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