Fellow Artisan: Bijouxbead (Cabbagetown & DEAF14)

Today’s post features Etsy artisan Bijouxbead who will be joining me at the upcoming Danforth East Arts Fair as well as the Cabbagetown Art & Crafts Sale:

bijouxbead4 bijouxbead3 bijouxbead


Artisan Name:  Darlene Martin

Products: handcrafted artisan jewellery

Price Range: $25 – $750

How did this all begin? By happy accident! After 17 years as a figure skating coach and choreographer, I discovered that designing jewellery is a lot like choreographing a skating program; deciding on a theme, placing the highlights, weaving the supporting steps, and presenting the finished piece. It took less than a year to launch Bijouxbead and about 3 years to make it my full time career. Along with coaching, I also held a senior corporate sales position, which really helped me with the business side of making handcrafted jewellery from the very beginning. Bijouxbead is the perfect marriage of my artistic and business sides.

About: Bijouxbead jewellery focuses one of a kind and limited edition necklaces, bracelets and earrings, featuring handmade lampwork glass, sterling silver and high quality semi precious stones. Bijouxbead is sold at juried arts and crafts shows across the province and online at bijouxbead.com

Bijouxbead will be attending 20 juried arts and craft shows in 2014. For information regarding upcoming shows, visit bijouxbead.com and click on “upcoming markets” for comprehensive event listings.

You can visit Bijouxbead online at: bijouxbead.com, on Facebook and Twitter.


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