Work update…

Things are now into full swing of production for both Cabbagetown Art & Crafts Sale and the Danforth East Arts Fair. My WIPs (works in progress) basket is full of snowmen ornaments needing scarves and buttons, catnip balls needing mice, dryer sheep needing eyes, and 3 toques needing adornment. The toques are where my anticipation is right now, since they are like a blank canvas to me and my needle felting tools, but the dryer balls need attention first, and so it goes. There are also shelves of dryer balls drying in the sun, and dryer balls yet to be felted as well.

It’s lucky that I happen to be staying near my local wool supplier (the natural undyed wool I use for the dryer balls and catnip balls) right now, since I have to keep restocking as I create more… I’m saving a ton on shipping!

Some recent photos include this one from Saturday’s needle felting workshop:

Some snowmen heads (they are now attached to bodies):

Hats awaiting adornment:

Step one of dryer ball creation:

And last week, knitting at the CNE:

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