Featured Artist: Julie Himel (DEAF)

I know Julie only via social media, so I look forward to meeting her at the Danforth East Arts Fair on September 13 & 14 (10 am – 5 pm) and seeing her lovely work in person as well.


Julie Himel

 oil paintings and prints

Price Range:
 $60 – $4000

How did this all begin?
I have always painted. The only time I didn’t paint was when I went to university directly out of high school and studied anthropology. That year, my creative deficit drove me to reroute and pursue a degree in Fine Art. I have had a steady art practice and have been exhibiting since.

What inspires me is the people in my life, my surroundings, and music. Also, it may sound strange, but paint itself inspires me – the possibility of creating a compelling 2 dimensional image that a viewer can enter, emotionally and visually. I love the challenge of immortalizing my client’s loved ones through melding a visual likeness with the character and personality of the subject. My still life work is primarily of objects in my immediate surroundings; domestic settings of everyday things that are part of my daily rituals. I love painting objects with reflective qualities, such as glass and metal, which pick up on their surrounding environment, creating a dialogue of colour, light and space. It’s about appreciating the beauty of simple things around me, and the anthropomorphic qualities inanimate objects can carry. I listen to music compulsively through my process, a variety of genres, but all seem to influence me.

You can find Julie and her artwork at www.juliehimel.com, on Instagram, Facebook, and you can learn a bit more in a feature from the TOAE.

(All images used with permission from juliehimel.com.)


2 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Julie Himel (DEAF)

  1. Reblogged this on Julie Himel and commented:
    This was a lovely little write up on Lynn’s Lids’ Blog. Many thanks, and looking forward to meeting you at the Danforth East Arts Fair next weekend, September 13th & 14th, Booth 13.

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