Feature Artist: Culture Snap (DEAF)

Henry from Culture Snap Photography will be just around the corner from me next week at booth 60 (I will be back at the north end of the park at booth 5) next week at the Danforth East Arts Fair! I’m looking forward to seeing his work in person.

(Clicking on images below will take you to a larger image on the Culture Snap website)

Rwanda Phoenix Line of Scrimmage W.W.J.M.D

Culture Snap Photography

Products: Framed and matted prints, as well as custom greeting cards

Price Range: $4 (single greeting card) – $300 (framed limited edition print)

How did this all begin?
My father was a real influence on me with his creative photography when I was young (even building an underwater housing so he could scuba dive with his Canon AE-1). I got into photography more seriously while travelling through Canada and to East Africa for my work with World Vision Canada (2004-2012). My images from that time were used in several Canadian newspapers and in a number of World Vision print and online publications. Winning first prize in a photo contest from Vistek Camera and other sources of affirmation encouraged me to go further and begin showing my work more formally.

I love capturing vibrant forms of cultural expression, whether overseas, such as in Uganda with Photographers Without Borders last summer, or finding art on the streets of Toronto. I love capturing moments where objects, words, and/or people interact to create added intrigue and visual resonance. If I get an idea for an image I’ll go the distance to be there with the tools needed to create it.

My process involves capturing real events and scenes and doing minimal post-processing that enhances the strength of the image without any heavy-handed editing. I work with high quality printing paper to deliver images that will give their owners years of artistic enjoyment. I am thankful to say that my images are in the private collections of many individuals, including local politicians and artists.

You can find Culture Snap Photography online at www.CultureSnap.ca, Facebook, Twitter  @culture_snap, a Q & A with Vistek here, and a more complete set of images displayed at arts fairs can be seen here.

Portland Head Light

(All images from http://www.culturesnap.ca used with permission.)

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