Fellow Artisan: Simone’s Rose

I met clothing designer Michelle Maynard online as she was organizing the Etsy Craft Party in the spring, where we met face to face. It was a great party. Michelle will be selling her womenswear this Saturday at the Etsy: Made in Canada sale at MaRS from 10am-5pm.

(Click on images to go to Etsy listing and view larger image)

Simone’s Rose

Products: Eco conscious womenswear

Price Range: $25-$500

How did this all begin?
Simone’s Rose came about from working several years in the fashion industry and seeing how much waste and disregard there was for the environment. I decided I wanted to start a clothing label that uses environmentally friendly fabrics and sustainable business practices.

The collections for the brand are inspired by a different theme each season. Researching ideas and inspiration is always the most fun part of being a designer but it is also the thing that designer’s have the least time for. Every piece that is designed goes through a process of pattern work, sample making, fit testing and tweaking, more sample making and pattern work and finally the end product is ready for the customer.

I try to design each piece with classic shapes and influences and finish it off with beautiful detailing and construction. Clothing should be more of an investment rather than ‘throw away consumption’ and I’m proud to be a small part of that movement!

Find Simone’s Rose on Etsy, the website & shop, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter @SimonesRose.

(All images used with permission.)

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