Fellow Artisan: Veelightful (EtsyMIC)

Vanessa Smith will be at Etsy: Made in Canada at the MaRS Atrium this Saturday! She is teaching a workshop, but if you wanted to learn to make bath bombs, sorry, it’s already full. Come on out and get bath treats for yourself or spoil someone else this Saturday 10am – 4pm!


Products: all-natural bath bombs (and foot fizzies), cuticle balms, and lip balms

Price Range: $1 – 20 (individual foot fizzies at the low end, gift baskets at the higher end)

How did this all begin?
My family has always been very crafty. I’ve tried many different things, but it took a little while for me to find *my* craft. One year for Christmas, I wanted to be able to make handmade goods, as much of my family does. I did some research on handmade bath and beauty and decided it was something I wanted to experiment with. My family and coworkers adored the gifts and wanted more. I started getting more experimental with molds, scents, and recipes, and it all snowballed from there!

I love that I’ve been able to combine my crafty side, my feminine side, and my geeky side! Experimenting with new recipes and scents gives me such a thrill. It’s like baking, but with less guilt about testing my own wares! I take pride in providing all-natural products that people can feel good about using and gifting. But I also believe that those things don’t have to come with boring, run-of-the-mill shapes and names. I get a lot of joy out of popping a perfect Death Star out of the molds, and I hope you get at least half as much joy out of using them.

Find Veelightful on Etsy, Tumblr, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

(All images used with permission.)

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