Fellow Artisan: CGMonsters (EtsyMIC)

Chantal Morin and I met last year at a Christmas sale and then had the great fortune to be next to each other in the Etsy section of the Spring One of a Kind Show. It’s cosy in the Etsy section, so we got to know each other, helped each other out and shared many laughs over the 6 days (5 days plus setup). Chantal had her super fun happy monsters set up across from me at Cabbagetown a few weeks ago and will be at Etsy: Made in Canada at MaRS this Saturday at table #16.

(Click on images to view larger on Etsy)


Products: Happy monster plush toys

Price Range: $15 – $75

How did this all begin:
I learned how to sew while working on my industrial design thesis project at OCAD.
It was really a trial by error project. I had never used a sewing machine before, but when it was done, I was hooked.
CGMonsters started when I created little monsters one Christmas for friends and family, and was told that I should sell them.
So I tried out a little show, and loved it.

I get my inspiration from all the textures, colours and patterns around me.
I love patterned fabric, and while walking around the city, i’m always looking at peoples clothing for fabric inspiration.
When I see or find a piece of patterned fabric I love, I instantly want to make a monster out of it.
I love reusing any patterned fabric I can find, everything from clothing, to tea towels, to bed sheets, to little fabric scraps. Anything and Everything!!

All my monsters are based on animals; bunnies, cats, badgers, and foxes.
I find that each monsters personality comes from the patterned fabric chosen, as well as the eye colours, and hand sewn smiles or teeth.

I am always on the look out for new and different patterned fabrics, as well as new monster ideas.

I have also just recently introduced a line of Veggie/Fruit baby mobiles.

Find Chantal and her happy monsters on EtsyFacebook, and Instagram.

(All images used with permission.)

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