Custom works

I love custom work. I find the challenge of creating something tangible from someone else’s imagination or an image they send pretty thrilling. And their ideas can be pretty fun!

A little less than 2 weeks ago I got an email request wondering if I could mcat hat mockup from clientake a cat hat from a schematic. It was perfect, and the new customer even included the colours she wanted from my existing products. Even better.

This was the schematic >

It turns out the schematic was made by a mutual friend of the customer’s and mine, so she knew my work and what I might need from her.  I finally finished it last night and I’m quite pleased with the result!

Lynn's Lids custom wool hat - cat toque hand knit and felted wool Lynn's Lids hand knit felted wool warm winter hat bespoke cat beanie

The other custom order I’ve been working on came from someone who had bought one of my tea cosies last year. She was drinking a coffee and thought she could use a cosy for her French press as well. And wouldn’t you know it, that was already in this year’s plan (as I mentioned the other day). So we planned colour and a custom image for her (since she already has the Toronto skyline) and I’m pretty pleased with this result as well! I even gave it a test run today, leaving my coffee in there for half an hour before I drank it and it was still steaming. Hurrah!

Lynn's Lids handmade coffee cosy Lynn's Lids custom hand knit, felted wool coffee cosy

Lynn's Lids custom hand knit, felted wool coffee cosy with Kitchener clock tower Lynn's Lids custom hand knit, felted wool French press coffee cozy with Kitchener clock tower

They were both mailed today and will hopefully get to their destinations tomorrow or Friday.

OOAK Spring: Embroiderwee & Clayshapes

I’m not actually in the spring One of a Kind Show this year but I thought I’d give a shout out to the fellow artisans who have been on the blog in the past. (It’s complicated. I was in the show, then we were leaving the country for a year and I wasn’t, then the situation changed and I’m still here in the country and not in the spring show. Just as well as I’d rather take the time to chill for a bit than try to sell warm hats to people who only want summer!!!)

And just a reminder that these folks have given advice for newbies so if you’re showing in the upcoming One of a Kind Show for the first time, check out their fellow artisan features (near the bottom of each post will be newbie advice).

For this year, I thought I’d let you know about my fellow artisans and the new products they will have with them at the show in a couple of weeks!

Embroiderwee (fellow artisan feature here) has a new Facebook page. Shawne will be debuting her new appliqué pillows and her lovely embroidered pouches. I just love how her product line has expanded since I’ve known her. Check out Embroiderwee at booth N20 in the Rising Stars section.

Embroiderwee pillows 

Clayshapes (fellow artisan feature here) has an adorable new Bee Collection! From Leslie:

“New for Spring – a collection of bee-inspired dishes and magnet sets. I’m so impressed with these hard-working creatures, who pollinate the plants that grow most of the food that we eat. We would be starving without them! Save the Bees!” Check out Leslie in the Etsy section at table P48J.

Clayshapes bee magnets Bee dish

New products in the works

This week I’m happy to:

  • have finished my major applications for fall shows
  • get products ready for 2 shops (more on that another day)
  • be working on a couple of new products for the online shops ( and and for fall shows.
  • see & feel sun shining and it is ABOVE ZERO CELSIUS!!!!

Several people have asked me at shows whether I do headbands/ear warmers. I don’t wear them so I’ve shied away from making one. I don’t know what finally nudged me to give it a try (probably just the urge to try something new) but I made an attempt around Christmas time, after the custom orders had died down. It didn’t work, but I knew what I had to do to fix it, so I gave it another try a few weeks ago with success:

Lynn's Lids hand knit, felted wool ear warmer headband with flower in peacock

The photo was well received, and last month at the Leslieville Flea I actually asked someone (she was wearing a headband) who was looking at my stuff if she could do me a favour and try it on and give me any feedback. She said she liked the wide band at the front and assured me that it covered her ears and was comfortable.

Then last week the boys and I were going for a walk with a friend who wears headbands so I brought it along to wear myself and let her test it out and provide feedback. Well, she put it on and wouldn’t take it off… Sold! So I guess that’s pretty good feedback.

I have just knit up and felted a 2nd one (it’s blocking) in purple heather and I plan to make a bunch for fall sales, but I will be sure to post a couple in each of the online shops prior to that.

The other new product I’m working on is one I’ve now had three custom requests for, so I figure it’s time to start making them. The French press coffee cosy! Here’s the first one I made for a friend who lived in Toronto for several years and is now back home in Denmark:

Lynn's Lids hand knit, felted wool French press coffee cosy with Toronto skyline


I’m in the process of making 2 more for the other custom orders. One’s just been felted, and the other is being knit up (see below – love that green!). Once they are finished I’ll post photos on my instagram/twitter/facebook/pinterest/google+ and then make one or two for each of the online shops.

Happy sunny not freezing day, folks!