OOAK Spring: Embroiderwee & Clayshapes

I’m not actually in the spring One of a Kind Show this year but I thought I’d give a shout out to the fellow artisans who have been on the blog in the past. (It’s complicated. I was in the show, then we were leaving the country for a year and I wasn’t, then the situation changed and I’m still here in the country and not in the spring show. Just as well as I’d rather take the time to chill for a bit than try to sell warm hats to people who only want summer!!!)

And just a reminder that these folks have given advice for newbies so if you’re showing in the upcoming One of a Kind Show for the first time, check out their fellow artisan features (near the bottom of each post will be newbie advice).

For this year, I thought I’d let you know about my fellow artisans and the new products they will have with them at the show in a couple of weeks!

Embroiderwee (fellow artisan feature here) has a new Facebook page. Shawne will be debuting her new appliqué pillows and her lovely embroidered pouches. I just love how her product line has expanded since I’ve known her. Check out Embroiderwee at booth N20 in the Rising Stars section.

Embroiderwee pillows 

Clayshapes (fellow artisan feature here) has an adorable new Bee Collection! From Leslie:

“New for Spring – a collection of bee-inspired dishes and magnet sets. I’m so impressed with these hard-working creatures, who pollinate the plants that grow most of the food that we eat. We would be starving without them! Save the Bees!” Check out Leslie in the Etsy section at table P48J.

Clayshapes bee magnets Bee dish

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