Fellow artisan: CandiWare

I knew Candice Ware virtually via Etsy and the Toronto Etsy Street Team long before we met in person at one of their member nights. Candice makes the cutest and most delicious looking (and smelling!) polymer clay food jewellery. Recently it struck me that my son looooooves creating with polymer clay and he would benefit from sitting down with Candice. Candice makes awesome youtube how-to videos but I knew he would need a little extra push and then he would start using the videos on his own. So I set up a skills exchange and Candice came by last week and I taught her how to needle felt and she taught my son how to make a polymer clay cherry pie and I taught her how to needle felt a cupcake, which was new for me. (Instagram images: setup for polymer clay; working at needle felting, and the results here and here.)

(click on images to see larger versions – and I encourage you to do this to see the fantastic amount of detail Candice puts into her pieces!)

apple pie by Candiware waffle by CandiWare icecream by CandiWare


Products: Scented miniature food jewelry

Price Range: $6-$30

How did this all begin? I started making the mini food jewelry for myself. (I love so many different types of food, but most of all I love SWEETS!) It wasn’t long before people started asking me where I got my jewelery and that was when I decided to share my creations with the world.

What inspired you to do this work? Polly Pockets and Asian culture

What were your goals when you started? Have they changed?
I just really wanted to share my work and make people smile. I have to say that its the same as back then.

Were there doubts and resistance when you started up? How did you move past them?
To tell you the truth I think the only person that believed in me was my twin brother. Everyone else in my family thought I was wasting my time. I just didn’t let what anyone said bug me too much since I really enjoyed what I was doing. Now everyone in my family loves my work.

What inspires new products?
Photos of food to tell you the truth I have a lot of cookbooks haha

What makes your work unique and truly your own?
I think it would have to be that I scent my jewelry.

What’s the most challenging part of your work?
Wanting to work on jewelry after a full day of being creative at work.

What are your best hours (when you are most attentive, most focussed, most creative and work the best) in the day? Are you able to use them for this work?
I find the morning I am the more focussed. But with a full time job that is hard. So weekends work best.

What advice do you have for artisans just getting started?
If you want to do it then just do it! As long as you are in it for making people happy with your work and you love what your doing thats all that matters.

What do you wish you knew when you got started?
Just keep making!

Best small business tip you’ve received: social media is your friend don’t feel like you need all of them just work on the ones you enjoy!

Best online business tip you’ve received: post often on your shop and adding the most important tags in your title not just in your tags.

Best artisan tip you’ve received: Its ok to take some time off for some you time. 🙂

Best art show tip you’ve received: Always say hi and smile. Don’t be doing other things when you have a potential buyer at your table.

Find CandiWare online on EtsyFacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestTumblr, and YouTube



(All photos used with permission)

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