Big news! Lynn’s Lids at the Arts Market (Leslieville)


Big, big news! I’m very excited to announce that as of November 4, 2015, Lynn’s Lids will be at the Leslieville location of the Arts Market (1114 Queen St. E. Toronto)!

I’ve been thinking about this for about a year and a half, and talked to them last year about it, but finally made the leap this summer to get on the waiting list. I found out last week that they have a space for me. Of course, it comes at my busiest month of the year, when I have 2 multi-day out of town shows, but no matter, I will make it work!

Why the Arts Market? I love that neighbourhood (it’s a 20 or 25 minute walk from my home) and have wanted a place where people can go and try on my hats and touch and feel my products when I’m not at shows. The Arts Market is a great spot with many talented local artisans and vintage vendors as well, and a bit of a one stop gift shop with everything from original stationery to vintage books to clothes, pottery, funny buttons/magnets (my boys love reading all of them when we go in), vintage furniture, art, photography, jewellery, and very soon, handmade felted wool hats, coffee & tea cosies, dryer balls, catnip balls, and ornaments as well.

So, if you are walking around Leslieville (open 12-6 on Wed, Thu & Fri and 11-6 on Sat & Sun) after November 4, drop by the Arts Market! I’ll have my woolly wares in the corner just west of the front window!

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