Fellow Artisan: Handmade by Kate

Kate Shaver will be at the Elora Handmade Market on October 23. Come check out her hoop art 10am – 4pm!

(click to see larger images)

hmbyk2 hmbyk1 hmbyk3

Handmade by Kate

Products: Embroidered Hoop Art

Price Range: $20 – $80

How did this all begin?
It all started as something to do for fun. I thought I should get a hobby, so I picked a unique one at that. I never stitched a thing in my life before, so I thought it would be a different challenge! Finding all I needed to know on Pinterest helped!
Then, about 1-1/2 years into this hobby, it became what I am today: a ‘mini entrepreneur’ (as I see it!) creating custom hoop art for all sorts of folks; family, friends, strangers 🙂
I love it & hope I can continue doing it for years to come!

What inspires new products?
I’m always getting inspired by fellow embroideries, artists & creators. I try to always change up my designs so I never get to bored with the same old.. Most things that inspire are me are humorous, yet crude slogans! Things that seem relevant to my & other peoples lives & pretty flowers!

What makes your work unique?
Well I think “Hoop Art” is not your average craft, but I think it’s one of those things people just need to have for their homes and unique spaces.. And it has definitely come a long way since my grandma’s or great grandma’s stitched. But like I said I’m always changing up my designs, so that gives me artistic freedom to create & put forth my own inspired ideas and bring them to life. I also add a personal touch with a hand stamped marking on the back of each hoop 🙂

What’s the most challenging part of your work?
The most challenging thing I’d say would be trying to achieve more stitching techniques & going out of my comfort zone. I usually stick to the same colours and making everything symmetrical, but I’ve started to out grow those habits. Now that I’m becoming more & more comfortable with my skills I find it much easier to do so!

What’s the most fun part of your work?
I LOVE DOING HOOP ART. Even with being really busy (still just as a hobby, I do have a full time job!) creating and designing on my spare time, cramping my fingers, hot glueing my finger tips off, and of course pricking them with my needle, at the end of the day, I don’t see it as a chore or burden, I see it as a time to express my creative side! 🙂

Handmade by Kate can be on her website,  Facebook, and Instagram @handmadebykate_.


All photos used with permission.

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