Fellow Artisan: Don Woodiwiss

Woody and I have only met virtually via email, but this is a small community we live in, so I’m sure our paths will cross soon. I saw his gorgeous photographic work in person a few weeks ago at the All Island Art & Craft Show at The Lodge here on Amherst Island. Woody’s home gallery will be open for Christmas Shopping on Amherst Island on November 19 & 20 from 10am – 4pm.

(click to see larger images. Images copyright Woodiwiss Photography.)

1. copyright WoodiwissPhotography.com 2. copyright WoodiwissPhotography.com 3. copyright WoodiwissPhotography.com

Don Woodiwiss

The Island Gallery in my home allows me to share my images with others, get feedback and meet people. I also have creative ceramic pieces by Mayo Underwood displayed. The Island Gallery is open from May to September by chance or appointment. 613 217 9326

Although all photographs, I use different non-traditional methods of display including plexiglass mounts and prints on brushed aluminum. Pieces range from $120 to $650. Notecards and unframed prints of my images are available starting at $4.

Photography for me is the magic of capturing that next image. Seeing the world as moments in time to be recorded. Revealing to those I share with, stories and beauty in our everyday world. The wonder that is our world is but a click away.

My collection of work can be viewed at woodiwissphotography.com.

4. copyright WoodiwissPhotography.com

All images copyright Woodiwiss Photography. Used with permission.

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