Fellow Artisan: Mayo Underwood

I have known Mayo Underwood for several years, thanks to the good people at Topsy Farms. I am an enormous fan of her ceramics, and am rapidly growing my collection! Mayo’s ceramics can be found at Christmas Shopping on Amherst Island at the Weasel & Easel (open Nov 19 10am-4pm & Nov 20 1pm-4pm), and at the Island Gallery & Little Gallery (Nov 19 & 20 10am-4pm).

(Click for larger images.)

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Mayo Underwood

I pretty much taught myself how to throw a pot in my kitchen, using a neighbo(u)r’s not-too-powerful little wheel when my kids were toddlers.  To keep my kitchen as clean as I could (working in clay can get quite messy), I used almost no water and developed my own way of ‘throwing dry’.  It’s not a common way to throw pots and I eventually taught and demonstrated the method in the U.S. and Canada.

Finding clay and getting to ‘play’ in it is something for which I’m grateful every single day.  I wake up thinking about new ways to work with clay and different things to try.  Something just evolved from one of my just-waking-up ‘what if’ moments. Now, as I’m beginning to produce these pieces, the pieces I make and put up for sale get bought almost instantly.  I’m delighted that these new ‘friends’ are finding good homes!

I hope y’all find something you love to do as much as I love playing in clay.

Check out Mayo’s Claypen.

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