Studio Stories: Mags Kandis

In late March I was in Prince Edward County for pleasure and took the opportunity to visit and interview three artists, including maker and marker Mags Kandis, whose makes and marks with Indigo+Rust, and is exploring botanicals. I look forward to seeing her new work this summer at the Wellington Market.

Mags Kandis at the Wellington Market in Prince Edward County
Indigo shibori dyed pillows by Mags Kandis.
Mags also marks textiles with rust.
Botanical marking by Mags Kandis of Indigo+Rust

Listen on Amherst Island Radio on Wednesday at 6pm or Friday at 1pm for our chat about dyeing, marking, the Wellington Market, and more. You can find Mags Kandis in person at the Wellington Market (occasionally she is not there, so if you’re going specifically to see her work, contactMags first!) from May long weekend to the September (Saturdays 8am-1pm) or online on her website, Instagram @mags_kandis, and on facebook on indigonrust.

Listen anytime on the iTunes podcast or the googlePlay podcast. Amherst Island Radio show archive can be found here.

Indigo dyed shirt in the Japanese shibori method by Mags Kandis.

All photos provided by Mags Kandis and used with permission.

Studio Stories: Karen Franzen

Karen Franzen tile

In February of 2019 I was giving a workshop at Karen Franzen’s Studio Under The Trees in Beach Hill neighbourhood of Toronto so we had a chat about Karen’s ceramic art and studio.

Karen Franzen in her Studio Under the Trees in the Beach Hill neighbourhood of Toronto.
The bowl of lemons tile piece we discuss in the interview.
Works in progress in Karen’s studio
Mother Goose tea pot by Karen Franzen

Karen’s Studio Under the Trees is located at 3 Wembley Drive, Toronto. Please call for an appointment 416 465 7477. Check out Karen’s website, including her work, the workshop series, and her 506 Streetcar Project at . Find Karen and the 506 Project on facebook.

Daffodil tile by Karen Franzen

Listen to the interview on Amherst Island radio on Friday, March 15, 2019 at 1pm or on the podcast (iTunes or GooglePlay) anytime.

All images provided by Karen Franzen. Images used with permission.

Studio Stories 15: Blue Iris Studios

In January of 2019 I was visiting family in Guelph, so took the opportunity to interview potter Iris Dorton of Blue Iris Studios. Listen to the interview as we talk career changes, name homages, finding the right studio and more. Radio program will air Friday, February 15, 2019, and the podcast is up (links at the bottom of this post)!

Blue Iris Studios - Iris Dorton
Iris Dorton in her Guelph studio/shop © 2019 Iris Dorton

Iris makes pottery and jewellery:

Blue Iris Studios wall of mugs
Blue Iris Studios pottery includes full place settings
Blue Iris Studios jewellery combines clay and precious metal clay
Blue Iris Studios earrings of clay and precious metal clay
My new favourite of Blue Iris Studios pottery are the travel mugs!

Blue Iris Studios is located at 179 Woolwich St in Guelph, Ontario. Find more at, on facebook at blueirisstudios, or on instagram at @blueirisguelph.

Blue Iris Studios at 179 Woolwich St. in Guelph, Ontario

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All images © 2019 Lynn Wyminga unless otherwise noted. Images used with permission.

Studio Stories 14: mined reCreations

For episode 14, I spoke on the phone with recycled textile artist Joanne Jones of mined reCREATIONS in Cambridge, Ontario. I started following Joanne on Instagram a while back and met her in November 2017 at a Toronto show, where our fundraising plan was hatched. Hear about how Joanne got started in recycled textiles, her process, her amazing scholarship project, and a bit about our fundraising collaboration in the interview.

mined reCREATIONS Joanne Jones
Joanne at work in her Cambridge studio
mined reCREATIONS Miner Weekend bag
A one of a kind recycled textile weekend bag from mined reCREATIONS

A sneak peek at the Gord Downie | Chanie Wenjack Fund bags currently on Joanne’s work table:

mined reCREATIONS Downie | Wenjack bag sneak peek

mined reCREATIONS Downie | Wenjack bags sneak peek

See Joanne’s work in person at booth U54 at the upcoming 2018 One of a Kind Winter Show in Toronto, or visit her studio at 1916 Coronation Blvd. in Cambridge. Website, instagram @minedrecreations and facebook minedrecreations.

As promised, here’s the rug made by her grandparents that sparked Joanne’s interest in recycling textiles into beautiful, durable creations.

Olive&Arthur-rug mined reCREATIONS

Joanne created an amazing weekend bag from my old university jacket, which I use all the time now. I was so excited that I posted a video of it on Instagram here.

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All images © 2018 mined reCREATIONS used with permission.

Studio Stories 13: County Studio

This summer I took a trip out to the Mountain View area of Prince Edward County to visit County Studio’s artists, and former islanders, Barb Högenauer and Terry Culbert.

Barb Högenaur & Terry Culbert, photo by Ramesh Pooran, Wellington Times
Barb Högenauer & Terry Culbert (photo by Ramesh Pooran, Wellington Times)

Their painting styles are very different (see below) but listen to this fun interview to hear how they work together as well!

JOYFULL by Barbara Högenauer
JOYFULL by Barbara Högenauer
SQUALLS by Barbara Högenauer
SQUALLS by Barbara Högenauer
SURRENDER by Barbara Högenauer
SURRENDER by Barbara Högenauer
Along the Danforth by Terry Culbert
Black & white & red all over by Terry Culbert
Black & White & Red All Over by Terry Culbert
Mass doth endeth by Terry Culbert
Mass Doth Endeth by Terry Culbert

Terry and Barb’s County Studio is stop #3 on the upcoming Prince Edward County Studio Tour on September 21-23, 2018 (tour map).

Find their work in person: by chance or appointment at their home studio, at Arts on Main Gallery in Picton, or SideStreet Gallery in Wellington. Find them online at, on Facebook, or @barbarahogenauer and @terry.culbert on Instagram.

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Studio Stories 12: Sable Dog Paddles

This August 17, 2018 episode (12) is the second of two short interviews I did at an art show north of Kingston at Lower Brewers Lock back in June of 2018. My booth neighbour at that show was Kingston-based Veronica Lloyd of Sable Dog Paddles, who paints gorgeous paddles, some new, some used, some custom, and *almost* all of them functional (occasionally some of the used ones are beyond repair).

Sable Dog Paddles 1
Sable dog paddles paints mostly artisan canoe paddles, but is happy to do oars (2 above on the right) when she can find them, too! Many are old, refurbished and refinished but some are new as well (sourced locally).
Sable Dog Paddles 2
Ronnie also had a couple of axes with gorgeous painted handles.
Sable Dog Paddles 3
Sable Dog Paddles gorgeous artisan canoe paddles.

You can find Sable Dog Paddles on Instagram and Facebook. Ronnie’s next show is the Women’s Art Festival in City Park on August 19, 2018. (Below is from Ronnie’s instagram feed). She also currently sells at the Cornerstone in downtown Kingston and the Skiff Café in the Ivy Lea Club.

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And for those curious about the perfect location of her booth, this was filmed before she arrived Sunday morning:

Photos copyright 2018 Lynn Wyminga.

Studio Stories 11: Caboose Co.

In June I had the pleasure of taking part in a lovely 2 day show at the Lower Brewers Lock north of Kingston. I arrived early on the 2nd day with my microphones and sat down with two artists that day for a couple of short interviews. August 10, 2018’s episode (11) will be the first of those interviews, with Sarah Hamelin of Caboose Co.

Here’s a few photos I snapped that day.

Host Lynn Wyminga & guest Sarah Hamelin of Caboose Co
Here we are in Sarah’s booth all hooked up to our microphones and ready to chat. (Sarah, right, was very excited to be wearing a Lavalier mic!)
Caboose Co's birch vases
Hear about Caboose Co’s birch vases in the interview
Caboose Co birch stump pottery mug or planter
Caboose Co birch stump pottery mug or planter
Caboose Co's silk screened pottery camp mugs
Caboose Co’s silk screened pottery camp mugs

Check out Caboose Co online at, on facebook, and instagram and will be at the Kingston Women’s Art Festival.

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Sarah’s mentions her biggest inspiration: visual and textile artist Janet Morton.