Needle Felting Workshops

I have been teaching people to needle felt for over 5 years. Group workshops are 1.5-2 hours in length and include several different techniques that will build a solid foundation for creating other 3 dimensional objects with wool roving and a barbed needle.

If you are in the GTA and would like to attend a class or know 4-8 people who would like to learn how to needle felt, contact me. Classes are $45 per person and include:

  • wool roving for your agreed-upon in-class creation
  • 1.5-2 hours of hands-on instruction
  • 2 felting needles (38 gauge) to use in-class and take home
  • 1 felting foam to use in-class and take home

If you are within 1.5 hours of Toronto and are interested in a needle felting class, contact me and I’ll see if I can swing it. I’ve run classes outside of Toronto on occasion.

For private ($70) or semi-private (2 people) lessons ($60 each), I offer workshops for 1-1.5 hours and include the same materials and instruction as above.

Class creations have included the following (click for larger image on Pinterest. More samples here.):



“Your needle felting class was way more fun than I would ever have expected! I loved that you explained some more advanced ideas as well as demonstrating the basic techniques, so that we could go forward and experiment on our own without getting lost. You made the class very casual and relaxed, but I still learned plenty, and I felt confident enough afterward to play with some of my own designs. Thanks for being an awesome teacher!”
– Peggy, Toronto, ON

“I was given, as a Valentine’s present, The gift of a Needle felting class with Lynn. I was a little skeptical, as I am NOT very crafty or even really all that co-ordinated to be honest. Lynn ‘s welcoming attitude and presence was very calming and reassuring. She quickly developed a sense of ease amongst the class participants. She chose a very achievable project that used a number of techniques that are essential to the craft of felting. She had a variety of tools available to try as well. She had a depth of skill to explain any technique and suggested a number of interesting ideas. I have to say that now, as a DIE hard needle felter, that as I do certain things, even to this day, I still hear her advice…(i.e. never shape wool with your tool). She gave me the skills to fall in LOVE with needlefelting in just a couple of hours. Bravo Lynn.”
– Harriet, Toronto, ON

“I took your needle felting class a few weeks ago with a number of my friends. We were all so excited that you would drive from Toronto to St. Catharines to teach us.
I thoroughly enjoyed the class. You are an excellent instructor – explaining each step along the way and giving us time to complete each before moving on. I didn’t feel pressured – it was relaxing and lots of fun. I know we all came away with great enthusiasm to begin another project on our own. Many thanks. ”

– Jayne, St. Catharines, ON

What is Needle Felting?

“Needle felting is a process which uses barbed needles to interlock wool fibers to form a more condensed material. Wool fibers have scales which when rubbed against each other catch and lock into place to create this denser material called felt. Felting needles are used to entangle the fibers. As the felting needle is moved up and down, the barbs on the needles catch the scales of the wool and entangle them into place. ”
– from