Questions for my fellow artisans/featured artists. You can use the Comments below (it goes to me before it gets posted – I just won’t post it!) to answer this or email me or Etsy Convo me.

Write as much or as little as you like. Be casual and conversational or be formal, it’s up to you. Would love it if you answered the bold ones and then either:

  • a) wrote 1-3 paragraphs about your work or
  • b) make up some questions about your business and answer them or
  • c) chose 1-5 of the questions to answer below the **********************

Business Name & Artisan Name:


Price Range:

How did this all begin?

Any links you want to share? (website, social media, blog, Etsy shop)

4 Photos (of your choice) or if you have an online shop: Links to 4 photos (of your choice) on your shop site or website that I can include (and then I can link those to your shop/site).


About – answer as many or as few of these as you like. Or just write a paragraph or two on your work. It’s up to you!

  • what inspired you to do this work?
  • what were your goals when you started? Have they changed?
  • were there doubts and resistance when you started up? From whom? What were they? How did you move past them?
  • what inspires new products?
  • what makes your work unique and truly your own?
  • what’s the most challenging part of your work?
  • what’s the most fun part of your work?
  • do you have a creative routine? what are your best hours (when you are most attentive, most focussed, most creative and work the best) in the day? are you able to use them for your work or does life (parenting, other job, marketing duties, what-have-you) get in the way of using those hours for your creativity?
  • please share some insight into your creative process

What do you do when you’re not working on your business?

What advice do you have for artisans just getting started? What do you wish you knew when you got started?

If you have an online business:

  • What are some of the challenges of having an online business?
  • Are there any tools or sites that you use to make running your online business easier?
  • Where’s the most interesting place(s) you’ve shipped to?

What’s the best…

  • small business tip
  • online business tip
  • artisan tip         or
  • art show tip

… you’ve received?

For samples of past fellow artisan posts, go to

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story!



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