Three more shows & one more class for 2014!

Lynn's Lids will be at #localTOmrkt Dec 13 & 14

So you may have already read about Crafternoon Tea and the Artisan Social in Leslieville next weekend, but I am also in one more sale right downtown at the AdHoc #localTOmrkt pop-up down at Yonge just north of Dundas at 335 Yonge St. They’ve set up a big heated tent in a vacant lot and are hosting a rotating roster of vendors. The Toronto Etsy Street Team is hosting a table, so for the weekend of December 13 & 14, I will be sharing the T.E.S.T. table with the amazing Peggy Muddles and her biology based ceramic jewellery. (This will be dangerous for both of us, who share a mutual admiration of each other’s work.)

Useful links:

All of the Artisan Social profiles on the blog (there are 7!)

A sneak peek of the Artisans Social on Pinterest

All of the T.E.S.T. creators who will be at AdHoc on the various weekends

Also coming up on Tuesday, December 9 at 7pm-9pm, we’ve got another beginner’s needle felting class at The Purple Purl. Come join me and learn to make some ornaments by sculpting wool with a barbed needle! Quick to learn and oddly addictive… We’ll be making a reindeer ornament and more if we have time!


And if you want to keep up to date on what I’m making now, microblogging is where it’s at this deep into the season since it’s so quick, so check out my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

Upcoming shows & new work

My sincere apologies to the people to whom I spoke at the October Leslieville Flea and assured I would be at the holiday market. Due to a family emergency I am not able to attend. I will be back in January, however, at the historic Distillery District’s Fermenting Cellar.

In December, I have 2 back-to-back sales coming up in Leslieville. If you follow the blog then you know about the Artisan Social (check out some of the artisans) on Sunday, December 7 from 1pm-5pm behind the Ceili Cottage (through the red gate) at the Studios of the Gilchrist Canavan School of Irish Dance (1301 Queen St. E.).

Crafternoon Tea in Leslieville

Also, on Saturday, December 6 from 11am-4pm, I’ll be at the 8th annual Crafternoon Tea down the road a bit (947 Queen St. E.) at the Queen Street East Presbyterian Church (SE corner of Queen & Carlaw), benefitting Nellie’s Shelter and Straight to the Streets. This is my first time at Crafternoon Tea and I’m excited to be a part of a great community event!

Also in shows, last weekend I was down in Niagara at the Honsberger Estate at my first HandMade Market which was a thoroughly enjoyable 3 day event!

Right now I’m back to catching up on custom orders, of which there are a few, like this custom (a newly created design) newsboy cap for a bun-wearer in the Canadian Prairies (made to fit over her bun and her ears, with the visor to keep the snow off her face. I’m happy to say it arrived yesterday and she loves it!):

And these fun custom dryer balls which are a gift for a frog lover:

And some more of these adorable little dachshunds:

I also have one more needle felting class at The Purple Purl coming up in December for beginners (the advanced class was last night). While at the HandMade Market some ladies asked if I could teach down there. I am happy to come to you to teach a beginner class if you can rustle up 5 learners (in Toronto, 4 is fine). You will each go home with a finished needle felted ornament of some sort (depending on the time of year and what we collectively decide), along with a felting foam and a felting needle or two (38 gauge), and the skills to create more on your own. If you’re interested in this fun and quick to learn craft, comment or contact me via my website for more information or email me: lynnslids [at] gmail [dot] com.

Fellow Artisan: Mary Mondoux (Artisan Social)

New to the Artisan Social this year is photographer and greeting card artist Mary Mondoux. Come check out her work on December 7 from 1pm to 5pm through the red gate behind the Ceili Cottage!

Mary Mondoux 1 Mary Mondoux 3 Mary Mondoux 4

Mary Mondoux

I’ve been making photo greeting cards and photographic images on wooden blocks.

On my 8th birthday my parents gave me a Brownie camera. Thus began my love of photography. I surprised myself when I realized that I loved taking photographs that had an almost architectural feel. I just love to walk the streets snapping photos of streetscapes, graffiti and odd shapes.

I’ve been making greeting cards for friends and relatives for the past few years. Quite a number have requested sets of cards for their personal use.

Recently while in a local camera store I noticed that one of the options for printing photos was in a 4×4 format. I did a few as samples and thought they would look lovely on small wooden blocks. I purchased a few as trials and was pleased with the results. I have a new outlet now for my photos.

My mantra is -“Art is everywhere, you just need to stop and look”

I am setting up my own webpage, currently I have a page on facebook highlighting my photography and abstract paintings: Yes It’s Mary.

All images used with permission.

Fellow Artisan: Whorl Pottery (Artisan Social)

Jenn and I were neighbours at last year’s Artisan Social and she will be joining us again this year on Sunday December 7 (1 pm – 5 pm) with her beautiful, cheerful pottery. Looks like she’s got some gorgeous (and practical!) new products this year, too.

(Click on images below to see them on Whorl Pottery’s blog.)


Whorl Pottery by Jenn O’Keefe

Products: fun & functional ceramics

Price Range: $10-$70

How did this all begin?
I was given a pottery class as a gift 11 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I can’t seem to stop…and I love it!

I have always been drawn to natural elements. Nature grounds me and energizes me, and art (in any form) makes me feel like anything is possible. For me, pottery is the perfect marriage of art and nature. I love textures, I have to touch everything. I especially love the feel of clay, and the idea of working with an element of earth to create something both useful and beautiful. Pottery is not instant gratification. It’s a slow process of many steps that requires love and patience from beginning to end. It’s good for the soul. Plus, it’s fun to get your hands dirty. 😉

Keep up to date with the Whorl Pottery blog.

All images used with permission.


Fellow Artisan: Nancy Bennett (Artisan Social)

Coming up on the local sales front is the 3rd annual Artisan Social on Sunday, December 7, 2014 from 1pm-5pm. It’s in Leslieville in behind the Céilí Cottage at 1301 Queen St. E. To the right of the Ceili Cottage gate is a red gate, you go through that, which takes you around the back to the Gilchrist Canavan School of Irish Dance, and we’ll be in the studio!

I will have a few fellow artisan posts, including Nancy, who was there with her lovely handmade soaps last year as well.

Nancy Bennett handmade soap Nancy Bennett handmade soap Nancy Bennett handmade soap

Nancy Bennett

I’m an artist and artisan. I began making soap at home about 10 yrs ago. I specialize in unscented soaps with as pure ingredients as I can get. None of my soaps have hardeners or colours added. I make all my soaps “10% superheated” so they’re all gentle and moisturizing. I have a small but devout following who swear by my soaps for sensitive skin, aging skin, baby skin, problem skin, eczema, acne, scent sensitivities and environmental reasons.

This year at the Artisan Social I will be selling the following types of soap in individual bars and gift baskets:

Goat Milk – Nice gentle soap. Adults and teenagers with acne seem to prefer this one. Cleans and calms the skin.
Honey Swirl – Honey is moisturizing. I get regular feedback that it’s a nice, gentle soap that smells a bit sweet.
Buttermilk & Turmeric – Turmeric has anti-inflammatory qualities. People with eczema say their skin cleared up within days and stays clear when they continue to use it. Eczema sufferers say all my soaps help but this one the most.
Shea Butter – This is the most moisturizing of all my soaps.
Avocado – Avocado oil is rich in antioxidants and moisturizes skin.

60 bars of Buttermilk&Turmeric soap ready to cure - Version 2

Fellow Artisan: The Vexed Muddler (EtsyMIC)

Peggy and I met through Etsy and Twitter and the Toronto Etsy Street Team long before we met in person. She is the wonderful creative talent behind the custom butterfly necklace I got for my mom in my dad’s memory. It is a cherished gift. She is also the maker of the beautiful buttons that adorn several of my hats. The Vexed Muddler will be selling her awesome work at the upcoming Etsy: Made in Canada market at the MaRS Discovery District on Saturday, September 27 from 10am-4pm.

(Click to view Etsy listings and larger images)


The Vexed Muddler

Artisan Name: I go by Peggy Muddles, but like all superheroes, I also have a secret identity as a semi-mad scientist.

Products: I make ceramic jewellery and buttons with biological themes, all crafted using my own hand-carved stamps.

Price Range: Individual pieces range from $20 to $40 for jewellery. My buttons are typically between $2.50 and $9.00 each.

How did this all begin?
I had been exploring biological themes in functional ceramic pieces for a few years when my mom, a professional quilter, asked me to craft some buttons for a project she was working on. In the process, I made a few necklaces for myself and some friends. Once a few friends and coworkers found out what I was doing, things sort of snowballed 🙂

Two of my great loves are biology and working with my hands. I’m enthralled by the natural world, by evolution, and the many remarkable forms life takes. By day I study the microscopic worlds around and within us, and my art helps me to communicate the joy and wonder of that realm. I also love talking to people about science, and have discovered that in wearing and selling my science-inspired pieces, I have so many excellent opportunities to talk people’s ears off about biology!

Find me on Twitter @tehpet, Tumblr, and of course Etsy. I also have a website which may someday become a blog again at

(All images used with permission.)

Fellow Artisan: IMWyred (Cabbagetown)

Irene and I met at The Purple Purl, no doubt on some knit night or other and later both started our own small businesses and have been keeping in touch and doing occasional sales together. Her new recycled glass line looks tempting… I may just have to pick up a little something from I.M.Wyred this weekend at the Cabbagetown Art & Crafts Sale!

(click below for larger images)

CopperBracelet1 DarkBlueCombo1 TurquoiseBracelet1

I. M. Wyred

Artisan Name: Irene McRae

Products: A collection of expertly knit wire bracelets, arm cuffs, necklaces and earrings in mixed metals and semi-precious stones.

Price Range: $6 to $75

How did this all begin?
I. M. Wyred jewellery line was launched in June 2011. Founded my Irene McRae, the name is a combination of her namesʼ initials and that all of designs are inspired by wire. Along with knitted jewellery, I. M. Wyred also designs an array of eco conscience necklaces and earrings using tagua seeds, acai seeds, wood and recycled newspaper.
Each piece of jewellery is made by hand locally in Toronto and made out of the finest sustain- able, non-toxic and recycled resources. The design and creation process always has the mod- ern women in mind, creating contemporary pieces which are versatile, light and fun with an eco twist.

I have been knitting since the age of seven but lost the love of it until I had kids. Three lovely girls, Audrey, Piper and Ginger. I made everything under the sun for them with yarn from dresses, sweaters and skirts to many of stuff animals. I just love to knit and making things and teaching them to knit was a great joy. But a few years ago, I discovered knitting with wire and I occasionally go back but I am just hooked on wire. Different gauges, colours, adding stones and crystals, I love it all.

My goal for I. M. Wyred is to move from a part time business to full time. I enjoy creating jewellery and I love forward to sharing my passion with others.

I. M. Wyred currently sells online on Etsy and can be found on Twitter @immcraeFacebook, and her blog.


(All images used with permission.)