Lynn’s Lids coffee cozy data

I’m a bit of a nerd. And curious. So I decided to use our Range thermometer to take a long range (100 minutes) of temperatures in 3 different situations with my Bodum French press coffee maker. The Range thermometer hooks up to a tablet and records the temperature over time.

The first was the baseline: the Bodum without any cosy on it at all. (Blue)

The second was the Bodum with the Amsterdam (NL) cosy on it. (Green)

The third done because several people have asked me why I am not making a coffee cozy that goes over the entire French press. So I used my iPad sleeve and recorded the temperature of that as well. (Yellow)

I was surprised by a few things:

  • The cozy only makes a difference of about 4-6°C or 7-11°F (with the gap getting greater the more time passes).
  • The temperature of the French press without a cozy drops significantly at the beginning. This in itself warrants a cozy since you steep the coffee for 5 minutes before you even pour it.
  • The full sleeve only makes a difference of about 1-2.5°C or 2-5.5°F from my sleeve. I was expecting a significant difference since it was covering the top.

Here’s the data in Celsuis (for Fahrenheit, see below):


And here’s a chart to go with it, because we all love information presented graphically:


To me, the 2 degree difference doesn’t warrant the extra knitting and bigger price tag that would come with the full cozy. Of course I’m happy to do it for those who would like it. What do you think?

Update at 9:45pm for the American readers:

Fahrenheit data and chart below: